Phrozen’s Beige Low-Irritation Resins are specifically made to print 3D parts with precision and accuracy. This particular resin produces durable models for a variety of applications, including dental models, engineering parts, and product prototyping.

As a bonus, Phrozen’s Beige Low-Irritation Resins are easy on the skin, allowing you to have direct contact with the printed models once they have cured.

Phrozen Beige Low-Irritation Resin

R1 499,00Price
  • Weight: 500g per bottle
    XY Resolution: 50 µm
    Recommended Layer Height: 30-100 um
    Way to Rinse: Clean with alcohol spray with an air gun.

    DO NOT immerse the model into alcohol for a long time.

    • Way to Rinse: Clean with alcohol spray with air gun.
    • DO NOT immerse model into alcohol for long time.
    • Use and preserve resins in room temperature, and in dark and ventilated conditions
    • Shake well before each use
    • After printing, please keep used resins in a closed & opaque bottle. Avoid mixing used resin with a new resin.
    • Keep resin away from kids and away from direct sunlight exposure
    • Wear gloves and masks during operation of resins. Wash with plenty of water if you get direct skin contact or eye contact with resins.
    • DO NOT dump resin. Please cure it and treat it as general plastic garbage.
    • After receiving your Phrozen resins, we strongly recommend you finish it as soon as possible as unopened resins only have a shelf life of one year

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