Phrozen’s Rock-Black Stiff Resins creates sturdy, flexible models that withstand heat up to 97 °C, making it ideal for printing industrial parts.

Phrozen Rock-Black Stiff Resin 1kg

R2 499,00Price
  • Viscosity: 119 cps
    Proportion: 1.1
    Tg: 97 °C
    Elongation: 4 %
    Break Value: 30 MPa
    Surface Hardness: Shore 81D
    I-Zod Impact: 2.68 KJ/m2
    Weight: 1KG per bottle
    XY Resolution: 0.047 mm
    Layer Height / Parameter: 12 sec @ 50 um
    Ways to Rinse: Use alcohol spray to clean models and dry it by air gun. Do not immerse printed part into alcohol over 30 sec.
    Compatible Printers: Phrozen 3D Printer Series
    Application: Engineering Components

    • Avoid sun light exposure.
    • After printing, stored used resin in closed and opaque bottle. ​​
    • DO NOT mix fresh resin and used resin.
    • Shake or stir resin properly to avoid pigment separation.
    • DO NOT dump resin. Please cured resin and treat/recycle it as general plastics garbage.
    • ​Do your best to wear glove, goggles, long sleeves shirt during usage of resin. Wash hands after every operation.
    • DO NOT swallow resin. Go to hospital if you do it.
    • Avoid eye contact by resin. Rinse with water and go to a hospital if resin contacts eyes.
    • Resin might cause slight skin irritation. Stop using it if allergy occurred.
    • Resin smells. We strongly suggest you to use it under ventilated condition.
    • Keep resin in room temperature(15 - 35 Celsius) and dry condition.
    • Keep resin away from kids