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Sonic Mini 8K - The Most #EPIC8K LCD 3D Printer.

With the highest resolution of 22 µm and 1152 ppi, Sonic Mini 8K surpasses all consumer electronics on the market. The 7.1” LCD screen & 18 cm Z-axis are perfect for printing all sorts of extremely intricate miniatures, jewellery, and more! 


We recommend that you purchase a screen protector to protect the LCD screen.



  • 22 micron precision
  • Two to three times faster speed compared to other 3D printers
  • Monochrome LCD screens have a longer lifespan than color LCD screens found in other 3D printers (average of 2000 hours)
  • Monochrome LCD screens are more durable and heat-resistant than color LCD screens, leading to reduced damage, downtime, costs, and increased reliability
  • Monochrome LCD screens provide higher transparency (four times higher UV light transmittance at 405 nm) resulting in shorter exposure times
  • Linear projection LED module lengthens the optical path, increasing light uniformity by over 90% for sharp and clear 3D prints
  • Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K is compatible with a variety of 405nm UV resins for flexibility and various applications.


Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K 3D Printer

SKU: 3DPL718K2218-21
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    • 22 µm (1152 ppi) Ultra-High Resolution: Prints beyond handcrafted models
    • 7.1” Mono LCD Screen: Larger printing space with 18 cm Z-axis
    • Ultra-Stable Dual Linear Rails: Prints high-quality models with extreme stability
    • Frosted Laser Cut Building Plate: Allows models to attach firmly onto the building plate
    • Linear Projection LED Module: Enhances light uniformity to create superb & sharp models
    • System: Phrozen OS
    • Operation: 3.5" in Large Touch Panel
    • Slicer Software: CHITUBOX V1.9.0 or above
    • Connectivity: Front USB Port
    • Design: Technology Resin 3D Printer - LCD Type
    • Light Source: Linear ProjectionLED Module
    • XY Resolution: 22 µm
    • Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.30 mm
    • Maximum Printing Speed: 80 mm/hr
    • Power Requirement: AC100-240V~50/60Hz
    • Printer Size: L29 x W29 x H42 cm
    • Print Volume: L16.5 x W7.2 x H18 cm
    • Printer Weight: 13 kg
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