Meet Phrozen’s Transform 3D printer.

This customisable printer consists of 13.3” & dual 5.5” changeable LCD panels that allow you to print super large models (up to 40cm in height) with convenience and ease.

With this printer, you get to choose one of two versions: the standard version or the fast version. The former comes with a color LCD while the latter comes with a monochrome LCD that works to print models with extreme speed.

Transform also provides a smooth printing experience using an ultra-stable 40cm Z-axis, nearly twice as long as other similar printing devices.

Phrozen Transform Fast

R75 799,95Price
    • Changeable Panels: 13.3" & Dual 5.5" LCD panels
    • Build: 13.3" 4K display with the largest build volume on the market
    • Ultra-Stable Z-axis: Provides a stable platform for printing
    • Efficiency: Saves time by allowing you to print several prints of the same model at the same time
    • Multi-Resin Compatibility: Works best with Phrozen’s resins, also compatible with 3rd party resins