As a powerful cleaning agent, Phrozen’s Wash Resin Cleaner dissolves uncured resin and allows you to wash your printed models by either spraying or soaking it directly into the liquid. 

This Resin Cleaner produces low odors and is best for cleaning printed parts.

Phrozen Wash: Resin Cleaner

R1 100,00Price
  • Weight: 5KG per bottle
    pH Value: 7.0, Neutral
    Halogen Free
    How to Dispose of Waste: Cure the waste and filter the cured residue before dumping the wastewater.

    • Use and preserve Phrozen Wash in room temperature, dark, and ventilated condition.
    • Shake well before use.
    • Keep Phrozen Wash away from kids.
    • Please watch the following video: