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• 50 New Features including 20 New Tools
• Improved User Experience
• Super Actions: Create Your Own Tools
• 3Design Runs Up To 17% Faster
• Secure Your Files thanks to 3D Safe

Why Choose 3Design?

3Design is the most advanced CAD Software built for designers and manufacturers.

Unprecedented global reputation with over 20 years’ experience within the jewellery industry.

3 Independent Softwares and Modules


Create Renderings and Animations

Intuitive 3D Shape Builder to Sculpt your Ideas

3D Powerful Jewellery CAD Design

Power of parametric,

At your fingertips!

Easily build organic shapes from 2D images

Photo-realistic images of your creations.

3Design’s runs on both Mac and PC. Files are fully compatible between operating systems which allows designers to easily share their artwork with graphic designers and manufacturers.

3Shaper is an independent module allowing designers can freely model organic shapes. The technology allows users to express themselves in a creative environment.

DeepImage™ is a dedicated rendering add-on to 3Design & 3Shaper for producing high-definition photo-realistic images. This module is perfect for communicating on your website, with your clients, and with manufacturers.