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Applicable industrialSuitable for jewelry industry, dental, clock, glasses, teaching and scientific research, toy design, handicraft design, industrial parts design, etc


Product Advantages

Short curing time, fine surface, finest detail features.

After curing, the printed piece has high hardness and toughness.


Product Technical Parameters before Curing

Viscosity: 300~500mPa·s (NDJ-8S rotary rheometer25℃))

Density: 1.05~1.25g/cm3 (densitometer(25))


Recommended Print Parameters

Recommended printing time: Bottom exposure time 20-30s, layer exposure time 2.5s-3s. (based on the printer with intensity of 3500-4500µw/㎝²)

Bottom Lift Distance: 6mm

Lifting Distance: 6mm

Bottom Lift Speed: 60mm/min

Lifting Speed: 80mm/min

Retract Speed: 150mm/min

Wavelength: 385~410nm


Molding Test Requirements and Technical Parameters after Molding     

Molding Test Environment and Standard:

Temperature: 23±2

Relative humidity: 50%RH±5%RH

The standard of the test piece: ASTM

Post curing condition: The test piece was placed in water under 405nm ultraviolet radiation of 200mw/cm² for one minute.

Technical Parameters after Molding:

Maximum force(KGF): 168.7±10%

Tensile strength(MPa): 45.62±10%

Deformation of maximum point of force(mm): 5.75±10%

Elongation at yield point(%): 6.34±10%

Elongation at break(%): 11.5±10%

Maximum bending strength(MPa): 58.3±10%

Flexural modulus(MPa): 1123.2±10%

Hardness(Shore D)80-85

Impact strength(j/m): 76±10%

Tensile modulus608.5±10%




Jamghe Almond 10k Resin 1kg

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