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Applicable industrial


Suitable for jewelry industry, dental, clock, glasses, teaching and scientific research, toy design, handicraft design, industrial parts design, etc


Product Advantages:

Short curing time, fine surface, finest detail features.

After curing, the printed piece has high hardness and toughness.


Product Technical Parameters before Curing

Viscosity: 300~500mPa·s (NDJ-8S rotary rheometer25℃))

Density: 1.05~1.25g/cm3 (densitometer(25))


Recommended Print Parameters

Recommended printing time: Bottom exposure time 20-30s, layer exposure time 2.5s-3s. (based on the printer with intensity of 3500-4500µw/㎝²)

Bottom Lift Distance: 6mm

Lifting Distance: 6mm

Bottom Lift Speed: 60mm/min

Lifting Speed: 80mm/min

Retract Speed: 150mm/min

Wavelength: 385~410nm


Molding Test Requirements and Technical Parameters after Molding     

Molding Test Environment and Standard:

Temperature: 23±2

Relative humidity: 50%RH±5%RH

The standard of the test piece: ASTM

Post curing condition: The test piece was placed in water under 405nm ultraviolet radiation of 200mw/cm² for one minute.

Technical Parameters after Molding:

Maximum force(KGF): 168.7±10%

Tensile strength(MPa): 45.62±10%

Deformation of maximum point of force(mm): 5.75±10%

Elongation at yield point(%): 6.34±10%

Elongation at break(%): 11.5±10%

Maximum bending strength(MPa): 58.3±10%

Flexural modulus(MPa): 1123.2±10%

Hardness(Shore D)80-85

Impact strength(j/m): 76±10%

Tensile modulus608.5±10%

Jamghe Nebula Grey 10K Resin 1kg

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