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Orthodontic Model Resin

It can be used for various orthodontic cases, including study models or ortho models with attachments.


The high temperature resistance of this 3D print resin mold ensures that it can withstand the heat generated by the vacuum forming machine during the orthodontic brace creation process.


This makes it easy to create any type of brace, regardless of the thickness of the plastic sheet used.

The durability of the resin mould allows it to be reused multiple times, saving time and materials in the orthodontic brace production process. This makes it a cost-effective and efficient solution for orthodontic practices looking to streamline their workflow.


* Water washable, no IPA or cleaning device required
* High-temperature resistance 140℃
* Easy to make orthodontic brace by thermoforming machine
* High precision & lower shrinkage
* Non-VOC, RoHS certificated
* Customise colours available

* Compatible with all LCD 405nm 3D printers


Tested with the Phrozen Sonic XL 4K printer:

Calibrated results: 

Bottom Exposure: 25s

Normal Exposure: 1.5s


Best for printing dental models.

JamgHe Beige Water Washable Ortho Model Resin (1kg)

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