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Phrozen Cure Beam is perfect for setting and bonding 3D models that require assembly, ensuring a smooth and seamless connection. Additionally, this portable UV curing device effectively cures the interiors of your 3D prints for increased durability and longevity.


Due to its compact design, the Phrozen Cure Beam is effortless to store, fitting neatly in a home drawer or on a work desk. 



The stock is expected to arrive in July. 

Phrozen Cure Beam : Post Curing UV Pen

R2 599,95Price
    • Content: Controller, 2 UV Pens, Power Adapter, and Safety Glasses
    • LED Specification: 405 nm
    • Product Weight: 500 g
    • Power Requirement: DC 7.5V;1A
    • Controller Weight: 177g
    • Controller Size: L7.5 x W6.5 x H2.5 cm
    • Controller Power: 5W
    • UV pen diameter: 1.0 cm
    • UV pen length: 6.2 cm
    • UV pen wire length: 50 cm
    • UV pen: 3W
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