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Click on the following link for the printer only Sonic Mega 8K s 3d printer 



  • 8K printing capabilities - details at 43µm, producing 3D models that are almost twice as detailed as other large-scale 3D printers.
  • 15” Mono-LCD screen - the largest Mono-LCD printing area on the market with 15.”
  • Faster printing - up to 400 layers/hr printing speed with a new high-speed mainboard and ACF film.
  • Higher productivity - because of large volume, and faster printing speed you can increase the efficiency in mass production. 


Wash Mega S

  • Wash mega models or many smaller ones at once with the 25L washing capacity.

  • Choose from dual-speed settings according to your needs: High speed: 300 rpm and Low speed: 275 rpm 

  • Easier and safer disposal of alcohol/wastewater with built-in side valve.


Cure Mega S

  • Dry and cure settings, choose to dry, cure, or dry and cure your models consecutively.

  • 360° transparent turntable to ensure your models are cured evenly.

  • Dual high-speed fans are designed with 1700 rotations per minute for maximum drying power.

  • Comes with a built-in interior light to easily see your models' curing state.


Phrozen Mega 8Ks Combo (Printer+Wash+Cure)

R82 999,95Price
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