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Solidscape: Products
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Solidscape®, Inc. is a specialist in industrial and professional 3D printing with a unique positioning as an integrated European player. The group has developed right across the 3D printing value chain (machines, materials, parts & services and software) with a high value added technological industrial solution. Founded in 1994 Solidscape designs, manufactures and markets high precision 3D printers for the manufacturing of Since 1994, we have been manufacturing high precision 3D printers for producing dimensionally accurate wax patterns for investment casting and mold making, ideal for high-end jewelry manufacturing. These patterns provide the industry’s highest standards in surface finish, accuracy and material castability while eliminating the need for post-processing. Today, more than 5,000 Solidscape high precision 3D printers are operating in over 80 countries for the manufacturing of jewelry. 


Ultra accurate, high precision 3D printing

When good enough isn’t good enough, it has to be Solidscape. The only high resolution 3D printers built exclusively for jewelers, the Solidscape S300 Series creates ultra-accurate, directly castable wax models with complex geometries, clean burnout and superior surface finish.

Smooth Curvative

Algorithmdynamically adjusts carriage velocity to sustain continuous motion, producing the highest precision and surface finish in the industry.

Drop on Demand Technology

Drop on Demand Technologypositions precise drops of wax along X, Y and Z axes, resulting in exact build plate placement and high-definition details.

Rotating Milling Blade

Rotating Milling Blade levels every print layer, delivering controllable layer thickness down to 6um, impossibly complex builds and unbeatable, repeatable accuracy.

Solidscape S390 Faster 3D Printer Wax Models for Jewellery investment casting

Complete Solution

High production

10+ models per day

Selectable 25-50 Micron

Lifetime Printhead warranty

Solidscape S360 with XDP


Medium - High Production

5 - 10+ Models per day

6 -38 micron

Solidscape S325 Entry level 3D Wax Printer still highest quality investment casting
S325 & S325+


S325 Medium Production - 25 micron

S325+ High Production -

38 micron

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