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Kyle Gilson - Owner

“Working with Solidscape has been the biggest asset, we as a jewellery manufacturer have invested in. The Solidscape Max2 wax 3D printer is simple to use and produces intricate waxes that are easy to cast. It has revolutionised the kind of jewellery we make for our bespoke clients over the last 5 years and has enabled us to create ranges we would not have been able to, in the past. Parts are freely available and Farrel’s service at 3D Wax Worx has been exemplary. 3D Wax Worx keeps us updated on new technologies and is very interactive with our needs. We continue to evaluate other printers but have found that Solidscape best suited our model of production, and the kind of back up service we need. We would definitely like to recommend 3D Wax Worx.”

Sara Kunz - Product Development Manager

"Solidscape has revolutionised the jewellery making process. Volume calculations allowing for accurate quoting. Rendering enabling the customer to visualise and feel the piece before going into actual make. The flexibility to change, perfect and then align the customers vision with the jewellers practicality.

Making it an amazing extension to the workshop - the precision allowing our imagination to be the limit to design.


Solidscape streamlines the manufacturing process- minimal human input required to start the machine , simple and quick to take your wax off and get it ready for putting on the tree for casting. No burn out issues – no residues – no headaches ……just beautiful castings


I would recommend Solidscape above any other printer on the market – for precision and ease of operation- its functional,and hassle free.

Since we have 3D Wax Worx service and maintain the printer we have had smooth and problem free days. Every print a success.

They are reliable and dedicated – 24 hour service in terms of checking up and trouble shooting in critical times. Their openness to jump in and provide solutions has been an asset to our business. Efficient and always available to do what it takes to get one up and running. It’s an absolute pleasure working with 3D Wax Worx and we can rely on their expertise to carry us.


Solidscape with 3D Wax Worx provides the full package that is essential to running a professional and problem free operation – guaranteed smiles."

Johann Bothma - Owner

"I've known Farrel from even before he was the official agent for Solidscape, working as a technician on Solidscape 3d printers.


As a designer and manufacturing jeweller I found it a privilege to have my own printing studio . The freedom that I have to do printing without depending on a printing bureau makes my life so much easier . Investing in a 3d printer is a big step for a small manufacturing concern.


From personal experience it is not just buying into the right printer for your needs but also to know that the support you get is impeccable . This is exactly what Farrel and 3D Wax Worx is adding to Solidscape 3d Printer owners . They have excessive knowledge and with calm and patient personality it is a pleasure to partner with 3D Wax Worx as a Solidscape 3z Pro owner .


I run two printers , definitely female in temperament (just joking) and call the twins Faith and Hope.

The twins are hardworking , working day and night sometimes."

3D Wax Worx (Pty) Ltd

Since 2017, 3D Wax Worx has been dedicated to providing 3D printer and design software with the highest quality and lowest price possible. We believe in exceptional customer service and go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ needs.

If you’re interested in learning about our expansive additive manufacturing solutions, feel free to reach out today.

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